Epoch Of Unlight: The Continuum Hypothesis
Epoch Of Unlight - The Continuum Hypothesis - [The End Records]


Delivering a crystal clear version of Thrash/Death is what Epoch of Unlight is known for; they sound ever-so-professional though this is only their 3rd full length.
“The Continuum Hypothesis” is a calculated piece- so dense it could fill up two and a half albums, with just the right amount of technical riffing to keep the listener interested; the opening title track is well composed and even has a slayer-like solo while the follower, “Under Starside Skies”, is more technical, sounds oldschool – feels like having a tattoo.

EOU manage to keep their dynamics and even have some melodic parts put into their beast like songs – “Cardinality” displays this best, and manages to surprise me when it really elevates somewhere around the end of it’s second minute (1:50 if you insist).
All the songs in this piece are well built, have a solid base of original but midi sounding drums (it wouldn’t hurt if they sounded a bit blastier) and strong bass lines – good examples of this are “Broken Pendulum”, “Aberrant Shadows” and “Denubrum”.
This album is demanding, it isn’t something to just listen to in the background for if it were taken for granted it would have been non-provoking in any way, it is simply impossible not to focus in the music and strong poetic lyrics of songs like “Quicksilver to Ash” or the closing track “The Scarlet Thread”.

This is a grand album, one it takes time to digest and fully understand; it is dense and at times esoteric but well composed and built- the best track in my opinion is “Highgate”, with its clean start and development into a wild animal.
It would probably best fit those who know and like the style, it’s far too complex for an introduction of the genre or the band itself.

Ofer Vayner

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