Lockdown: For Today
Lockdown - For Today - [Akom Productions]


This album isn’t all bad, don’t take this review the wrong way, these guys deliver a nice form of punkrock with some winks to hardcore, “The Show” display this well; it has it’s moments (if you can put up with the sound) – like the fine bass line in “Alice” or the swift title track (which also goes into a ska-like song somewhere along the way).

Having said that, I can now say that Lockdown is one of those bands which I’m not gonna keep listening to- this is due to various reasons:
First, there’s the sound- the instrument don’t combine, it’s sounds almost amateur, it’s dead flat – try the oddly titled “Cockface” for starters, you’ll understand what I mean exactly.
Second, just take a look at the lyrics- I believe the worst ones are on “Falling Days”; allow me to elaborate…when Lockdown sing about serious issues it sound bad and unfitting, while when they sing funny-joke-songs there’s a slight improvement (i.e. “Blowjob” the best song here), it’s not hilarious but still causes some smirking.

Like I already said, they suffer from not being able to write serious music, not that that’s a bad thing- some bands write humorous music and do it well- but it simply doesn’t cut it when you don’t take it all the way or know how to combine it.
Lockdown just need to decide to take themselves seriously and then to put in some funny songs – or, to claim to be a joke act with and take that statement all the way.

Ofer Vayner

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