Stormage: Balance Of Power
Stormage - Balance Of Power - [STF Records]


Stormage is a speed/ thrash band hailing from Germany, this is their debut album, I'll try and dismantle the different components here.

The album has a wonderful sound, that's the first thing that's easily evident, crisp and clear with a very good mix as well, when the opener – “Another Day” starts off it sounds a bit similar to Nevermore, fast crunchy riffs with a double bass oriented drum line, the vocals are also reminiscent of Nevermore's, not exactly in the melody, but the feel is there, its always a bit off-tune, quite similar to Warrel Dane's vocals.

I cannot fault the band professionalism, it's quite evident these guys are veterans with playing abilities to spare, and I only had a few qualms about this album.

The vocals are fine most of the time, but at certain points they are overly off tone, a good example is the second track, “Born To Kill”, that has a somewhat overblown bridge section.
The other problem is the huge amount of material being put into this album, 13 tracks and one acoustic segment, it seems like overkill (not the band...).

This is certainly a mature and well crafted release by a talented band, they just need to smooth the vocals a bit and use less material to make the album more digestible, but apart from that, its still good violent fun.

Alon Miasnikov

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