Forlax: Suppose it war
Forlax - Suppose it war - [Self released/ Unsigned]


Forlax is a French quintet, that have been around since 2002 and have decided to release this demo/EP, “Suppose it war”, on 2005.
They may define their music as rock n’ roll with melodic metal parts, but a more fitting definition would simply be heavy metal/ hard rock.

The title track, “Suppose it war”, starts this EP off with gunfire and artillery whistles (having the connection to the title) and switches to a swift guitar part leading right into a galloping song - it would have been stronger if the battle sound would have been weaved into the song.

Understanding the texts has proven to be impossible for me since I don’t speak French and because there weren’t any lyrics in the booklet for me to translate; I can assume one of two things- The lyrics are either standard according to the genre or joking nonsense making a mockery of various subjects including metal…the cover artwork and the band’s logo tend to lead into the joking version.
This is quite a mystery, which floats back up in the next song, “Solitaire”, a standard semi-anthem, just in French.

Perhaps “La faute du clergé” solves the mystery, meaning something like “Fault of the clergy”; opening with an attention grabbing drum part, followed by an epic guitar riff, as if telling a story with every stream of notes.

“Quand le rêve disparaît” (meaning: When the dream disappears) is basically Maiden influenced and has great vocals by Damien “Castafiore” along with virtuous guitar playing. The same line continues in the closing instrumental “Outro”.

It seems like this demo/ EP is meant to get Forlax some acknowledgement, perhaps grab the attention of some label or another that would support a full length, better sounding, album; Meanwhile, this is just a fun demo to trigger the mind.

Ofer Vayner

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