Asturias: Bird eyes view
Asturias - Bird eyes view - [Musea Records]


Asturias is a band from the first generation of Japanese progressive rock, this group holds a perfect balance between classical music and modern song structures, it is based on classical acoustic instruments such like Gut guitar, Glockenspiel, piano, violin, and clarinet.

The album has five tracks, each goes for about five minuets, that makes a 25 minuet experience of soothing, beautiful atmospheric music.
The arrangements are entirely classical, but song structure is simpler, this is mostly how the modern music affects here. All players have very good sounds and each one is a virtuoso of his own instrument.

Every piece stands by itself, and has a great diversion of moods, atmosphere, emotional reflections and the power to take your spirit to just about anywhere they'd like. All along there is a very peaceful state of mind with very interesting and original melodies and parts for each instrument all fits right in the spot.

The album carries you without a warning into a 25 minutes journey to different paradise every time, filled with originality , great playing, and a firm knowledge of how to get the job done, if you ask for basic influences, I'll say a combination between a soother Mike Oldfield (some might even say Camel) and Debussy.
Recommended especially for those who love the classic progressive rock or classical music. A winning combo in my taste.

Roy Povarchik

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