Nine Inch Nails: With teeth
Nine Inch Nails - With teeth - [Interscope Records]


A new album from one of the masterminds of industrial music, NIN which as usual is owned and lead by the gifted Trent Reznor. As expected, it packs a combination that is electronic dark rock that moves from easy listening to cold and abusing.

It seems like for almost his entire career the musical industry was flirting with Reznor, and I define it as flirting because it always was a one way street, from the one hand he song all the way to the top 10 in the billboard chart and on the other hand, it was made with no compromises from Reznor behalf, who sticks to his own dark, cold creative mind.

The new album, titled "With Teeth", as far as the tradition goes, is a mixture of dark rock, al around cold electronic music and walls of synthesizers attacking from everywhere you go, but there is also a light feeling that this one is a bit more radio friendly, because as much is this album is filled with cruel hearting great melodies, it also has a large amount of catchy melodies which will live on and on in your head long after the album is over, it lack the uncompromising feeling that album like "the
fragile" and other of Reznor albums have.

After having heard previous material, I was filled with anticipation for the new outcoming masterpiece from one of the industrial greatest creators, but on this album. It's sometimes easy to feel that Trent is a little bit short of new things to say, and lyrics have sometimes a tendency of picking up a certain formula,, but even so, it is always saved by the conquering music that is backing up this entire album.

The album opens up with "all the love in the world", a very ear friendly, not to say electronic ballade, that reminds you that Trent Reznor is a darker heavier form of a singer songwriter that knows how to push the right buttons, right afterwards, you are tossed right in the next song "you know what you are?" that is a reminder that you aer playing with the big boys, two more addicting songs on the album are "the collector" and "right where it belongs" which starts of with a beautiful piano playing accompanied with noise in the background and decorated with Reznor witching vocals.

There is no doubt this album is catchier then previous releases, but even this softening process is done by Trents own terms, and is done with very good care, even so, none of this things stop this album from being a great album that it is!.

Roy Povarchik

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