Los Los: Viva Los Los!
Los Los - Viva Los Los! - [Drakkar Records]


If nothing else, Los Los is certainly the weirdest band I've had the pleasure of listening to in the last few years, and that's saying something..

Imagine, if you will, Type O Negative doing a cover version of Macarena, that should prove an almost exact description of how do Los Los sound, the fact that they actually cover Macarena here just proves me point, this is one weird MF.

Had I been forced to put a label on Los Los's music, I would describe it as electro-metal with industrial touches, but as I said, you just need to fit in the Goth feel and guitar sound of Type O Negative with some heavier electro segments.

The fact this album contains but few original pieces only serves their eccentricity further, though what seems like their original numbers, such as Mojito are strong cuts indeed, Don Carbon's vocals are a deep, throaty whisper, not unlike some of Slipknot's Corey Taylor's vocals.

The Covers range from fantastic to mundane, with the Macarena being one of the best, it has a great rhythm, fine tribal vocals, and a dark streak running throughout.

Maria, on the other hand, does not translate as well, as brave as it is taking a Cole Porter track to where this cover has gone, it just sounds a little forced.

Though the band is certainly a brilliant publicly stunt, with masks A-la Slipknot, and what might or might not be a false biography, they manage to deliver the goods, creating what is truly a one-off, an album that is both singular and just plain weird, while managing to create some quality music in the process.

Alon Miasnikov

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