Firewind: Forged By Fire
Firewind - Forged By Fire - [Century Media]


Firewind was formed guitarist Kastas Karamitroudis which is better known as Gus G. that used to be in Dream Evil, Nightrage, Mystic Prochecy and even did a guest appearance in Arch Enemy – so it’s no surprise that his guitar riffing is so fresh, intense and versatile.
Influences of Judas Priest, Dio, and Helloween can be heard throughout this album- it feels like Forged by Fire was done somewhere in the 80’s.

The strong opening track, “kill to live”, is just a taste of things to come; introducing Chitty Somapala’s vocals (Faro, Moonlight Agony and ex-Avalon) that are so rugged and powerful that it’s a shame he left the band in October this year.
Drummer Stian L. Kristofferson (Jorn, Pagan’s Mind and many other bands) does such a splendid job it would be a crime not to mention him; tracks like “Beware the beast”, “Escape from tomorrow” and “Burn in hell” would explain better.
It’s a bit difficult to hear the bass lines in most songs through the heavily distorted guitars, so one would turn to the ballad “Hate world hero” to get a better idea about Petros Christo’s (ex-Breaking Silence) interesting and fitting bass lines.
Firewind have Bob Katsionis (NightFall, Katsionis and ex- Sceptic Flesh) on keyboards, completing the atmosphere wherever needed- like on “Escape from tomorrow” and the instrumental “Feast of the savages”.

The guest appearances from James Murphy (Cancer, Death, Obituary) on lead guitar in “The forgotten memory” and Marty Friedman (ex- Megadeth) on “Feast of the savages” make this album perfect.

I can only hope Firewind find another vocalist, start working on new material and won’t leave us in hunger.

Ofer Vayner

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