Dark Tranquillity: Character
Dark Tranquillity - Character - [Century Media]


Sweden’s Dark Tranquility are considered among the leading melodic-death metal bands.
Having just about the same position as In Flames and Soilwork, with differences in sound but a similar core (especially in late releases, comparing to Soilwork’s “Stabbing the Drama” and In Flames’ “Soundtrack to your escape”)
DT (no, not Dream Theater…) have a more technical approach, and were often compared to Opeth due to use of clean guitars and clean vocal as well as growls and heavy distortion.

This albums blasts off with “The new build”, with up beat dual guitar riffing from both Martin Henriksson and Niklas Sundin (ex- Hammerfall).
In “Trough smudged lenses” Martin Brändström’s (keyboards and electronics, also was in Tiamat as a tour member) presence is starting to be better felt, creating the atmosphere.
“Out of nothing” is, in my opinion, the highlight of “Character” allowing each band member to express his abilities; Mikeal Stanne’s (ex- In Flames, Hammerfall) growls sound so deep and smooth, Andres Jivarp with a very versatile drumwork.
Michael Nicklasson’s bass sounding so vivid and ballbusting with a compleating contrast of Brändström who gives a mellower tone and a gothic flavor.
This same gothic, less traditional electronic line (known from earlier issues like 1999’s “Projector” and 2000’s “Haven”) continues in throughout the album.

This unique combination of a heavy sound with a mellower goth like feel while having a melodic base is what gives “Character” the ability to maintain the listeners fascinated.

Ofer Vayner

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