Angelcrypt: From Abyss To Glory
Angelcrypt - From Abyss To Glory


Angelcrypt are a band from Malta, who's Forsaken we reviewed and interviewed here, while Forsaken deal in melodic doom metal, Angelcrypt are a lot harder to categorize, the band, that started out in 97' under a different moniker, creates a combination of power metal with some death and black metal elements, specifically in vocalist Juan Xerri, that comes off as an even grittier version of Grave Digger's vocals.

This EP contains 5 tracks, and an acoustic version of the first track, all of them contain highly energetic power metal, with bits and pieces of different elements thrown in, the keyboards are quite evident and give the proceedings a bit of a prog feel, but the structure and heaviness of the music sets it towards quite aggressive power metal.

I liked most things about the album, good playing ability all around, good solid vocals, my only two reasons for criticism are the sound, which comes off as plastic and not clear enough, and the lack of a coherent direction with the music sometimes, other then that, it's certainly a mature and interesting outing by a really promising band.

Alon Miasnikov

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