Dark Nova: Sivilla
Dark Nova - Sivilla - [Black Lotus Records]


Dark Nova are a Greek power/progressive band that has been in existence since 1991, somehow, they only managed to produce three CDs as of now, this one being the first since 99's "1999 A Step Beyond".

Their brand of metal is certainly melodic and professional sounding, deep vocals that come off as similar to Nevermore's Warrel Dane at times, specifically in "Desperate Act", they make use of almost proglike guitars and heavy use of of keyboards to give the music a more complex and colorful aftertaste.

The album starts strong enough with "Come Into My Nightmare", some solid riffing and good tempo changes, Michael Choulakis's vocals are the obvious focal point of the band, standing firm in the mix and able enough to be used as a pillar for the well-crafted guitar work around them.

My favorite track on the album is the title track, it comes of as a symphonic power metal piece, with a great opening riff that turns and twists, they have a neo-classical feel to them but they manage to maintain the heaviness and aggression that is sometimes lacking in similar releases.

The band should get better cover art, the one they have kinda misses the point, but it doesn’t matter, the band creates solid power metal, without being over-pretentious, to those with an itching for good, melodic power metal, who don’t mind a bit more of a sophisticated take, this is certainly an enjoyable album.

Alon Miasnikov

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