Helmet: Size Matters
Helmet - Size Matters - [Interscope Records]


Helmet is said to be one of the defining bands of alternative metal- somewhat of a rough answer to Seattle’s early 90’s grunge scene.
After they disbanded in 1999 no one though they’d regroup with such a “supergroup” lineup in 2004.
Band founder Page Hamilton never sounded better; his vocals are rugged, almost grunted; along with drummer John Tempesta’s (ex-Testament, ex- Rob zombie) incredible work, Chris Traynor (Orange 9mm) on lead guitar and Frank Bello (Anthrax) giving even more groove with his bass.

This album doesn’t have a bad second in it; all songs have that “Hamilton” feel that some of you might know from followers like System of a down, Godsmack, Taproot and even Nine Inch Nails.
“Smart”, the opening track, is one of the best openers I’ve heard in a while - setting the tone and giving a good idea on what the album is about to sound like (i.e. awesome).
“Crashing foreign cars” shows John Tempesta’s technique certainly fits Helmet, making the song so vivid and yet not overdone.
There’s a mixture of Helmet’s old sound (like in “Drug lord”, “Everybody love you” and “Enemies”) with a more modern sound (found in “See you dead” and “Unwound”).
This self production (Hamilton, who else?) has such a low heavy sound to it without using multilayered overdosed distortion that it’s a wonder.

Those of you who like Helmet would love it- it’s just like getting candy you really liked as a child.
It’s simple, rough, addictive and with just the right amount of sugar.

Ofer Vayner

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