Demon: Better The Devil You Know
Demon - Better The Devil You Know - [Spaced Out Music]


It's a but hard to grasp, but Demon have been around well over 20 years, starting out when the big rise of NWOBHM hit the world, the band put out it's first album way back in 1981, and kept on releasing albums throughout the years.

Despite gaining a steady following, the band never really broke out as big as Iron Maiden and Saxon, and that may be why there's only one original member left, the band's vocalist, Dave Hill, with one other musician being with him throughout most of the period, guitarist Steve Brooks.

Quite different than other NWOBHM bands, Demon's latest offering is actually closer to the American hard rock bands that influenced most of metal's veterans, bands such as Grand Funk Railroad, and it's Dave Hill's vocals that bring to mind soul and blues music, he has a warm, ballsy voice that always stands clearly on top of the music.

The album benefits from a fine modern sound, which brings out the better qualities of the music, the songs are immediately catchy and clear, and most of them use the repeating chorus formula to stick easily, making you sing along with it after just one listen.

The album opens with the solid title track, a good rock riff, a great chorus, nice keyboards giving some background, it sets the mood for the album with dynamic energy, pretty straight forward, but it's impossible not to like it.

The second track, Dead Of The Night, is my favorite one in the album, a much more sophisticated song, with a great chorus that uses a smart guitar melody line, it shows some diversity, and just sounds great.

Temptation deals with the ol' American hard rock subject of Women, it makes you feel like driving an Arizona desert road with a bottle of beer at your side, and a blond bombshell beside you.

Warriors is a more grandiose and epic sounding track, great vocal delivery from Hill, the man can certainly create some memorable lines, the "Yea Yea" bit at the beginning is as metal as it gets.

It's a shame that the band doesn’t receive as much press as it should, but with a solid release like this, they might finally receive the respect they deserve.

Alon Miasnikov

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