Dying Fire: The Journey
Dying Fire - The Journey


This is a 5 song demo made by two talented Finish musicians, the genre is melodic power metal, and most if it is quite fast.
The two guys involved do almost everything on the album, Mika Lonnstrom handles the Vocals, bass, drums, and some guitars, while Markku Tahvaninen handles the guitars, both rhythm and lead, there's also some additional lead guitar work by Matias Vilkko.
It's all done with plenty of verve and energy, first track and forth are fast and the rest a bit slower in tempo, while the fourth, Nightmares, is also the best one in the demo.
Sound is much better than can be expected, the drums do come forth as a bit empty, but the guitars and vocals are well produced, much better than most demos I've heard.
The vocals do need some sharpening up, their solid and melodic, but at certain points they miss the tone, and that sounds out of place in this otherwise professional sounding piece of power metal.

Definitely a lot of potential there, we might be looking at the next Sonata Arctica or something.

Alon Miasnikov

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