Deadlock: Earth.Revolt
Deadlock - Earth.Revolt - [LifeForce Records]


Wow, this album blew me away! Deadlock are described in the CD's liner notes as a black-death metal band, and it's mostly a correct definition, they're mostly melodic death metal, but they have some black metal elements in the use of keyboards and screamed vocals, as well as in some of the riffs.

This is the band's second full length, but they absolutely shine of professionalism and matureness, the album combines just the right elements of aggression and melody, with some strange, almost avant-garde passages, its unique, and yet immediately catchy and enjoyable.

The album opens with the melodic and complex 10,000 Generations In Blood, great black metal-like keyboard intro and opening, that goes into a Gothenburg sounding death metal riff, great production makes it all sound exactly as it should.
The song is cut by a sudden piano and female vocal middle section, soothing and enchanting, before going into another barrage of aggression, fantastic track.
Next two track are more overtly melodic death metal, again, smart riffing and some good ideas thrown in, but it’s the title track that takes the cake for best track in the album, again, a keyboard melody line, and a riff built around it.

Another absolute winner is Kingdom Of The Dead, again, a catchy tune, great guitar work, it sticks in your mind and doesn’t let go.

The album closes with another quite female vocal track, adding to its air of mystique.

A great release, I can hardly find any fault with it, and I'm sure these guys are going to be heard of a lot soon.

Alon Miasnikov

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