Salacious Gods: Piene
Salacious Gods - Piene - [Folter Records]


A bit about the band first, Salacious Gods are a Dutch black metal outfit, who's this is their third album, it seems that the band have started out as quite a different beast, incorporating keyboards and melodies in their two previous albums, while in this release they have taken things to their extreme.

The band lost their keyboardist since the last album, and sure enough, gained a second guitarist instead; they have also decided to go for a much more extreme and stripped down approach, ditching the melodic inclined black for a much simpler, aggressive type of black.

As such, it’s a real monster, an almost non-stop barrage of blast beats, followed by cold, fast guitar riffs and shouted black metal vocals, the sound is clear bit still bears this bare, raw quality that sits well with the primitive black metal,

Musically it’s a bit similar to Marduk, in its over-the-top speed and aggression, yet they sound even dirtier and cold, much closer to old school Norwegian black metal.

There's also a bit of an old-school thrash feel to it, some early Bathory, yet its taken to such speed and murderous rage that any similarities are drowned by the non-stop sonic attack.

Some good riffs are evident in the album, the ones in Black Bile Desecration and Scars On My Wrist are examples of such, they are sometimes a bit hard to listen to with the constant barrage of speed and aggression.

Certainly no easy listening album, this will surprise the band's older fans, and appeal much more to old school black metal aficionados, this is primitive, fast black metal at its most extreme.

Alon Miasnikov

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