Drowned In Blood: The Warfare Continues
Drowned In Blood - The Warfare Continues - [American Line Productions]


Bombshells blast the scenery, the sound of automatic AK47s in the background, an enemy soldier gets one in the chest, goes down, and stays down, and all the while this death metal band grinds the bones of the dead to a pulp with their own brand of brutal, raw death metal, such is the impression given by listening to Drowned In Blood's album, it kills.

This relatively New Mexican death metal band, who's this is their debut album, deal in war and do it with death metal, all the lyrics treat one aspect or another of warfare, with the band giving a constant soundtrack of brutality to the proceedings.

Similarities may be drown to Krisiun or Cannibal Corpse, but the music is much simpler, and the sound much rawer, the guitars are tuned down and the vocals are growled in several octaves, some lower and some a bit higher in the gurgled scale.

They certainly have some good riffs in there, and the drummer is a human machine gun blasting forth Blast beats in a merciless onslaught of brutality,

It works most of the time, but at certain moments you can't help but feeling a bit drowned in the brutal assault, wishing for a brief respite from the ongoing battle, but the band just keeps blasting away.

This is brutal death metal for the really extreme metal enthusiast, raw and bleeding, no quarter asked, nor given.

Alon Miasnikov

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