Rotten Sound: Murderworks
Rotten Sound - Murderworks - [Relapse Records]


I see a lawsuit coming up; these Finish guys severely impaired my hearing.
Anyone daring to listen to this album without checking the VOLUME button beforehand is a possible candidate for joining my lawsuit, even though we will have to communicate via e-mail, since his phone abilities will be as dead as his eardrums.

Rotten Sound have been spewing grind core since 1993, and though I didn’t get a chance to listen to their previous albums, if this one is an example, then they're certainly one of the loudest bands on the planet.

The album ticks at about 20 minutes, the longest track being about 3 minutes long, and the shortest at an amazingly short 0.11 seconds, and unlike some other grind core outfits, they don’t cram in 30 songs, just 14.

Sound wise it’s a definite Swedish sounding album, even though they're Finnish, it sounds a bit like what Entombed would have sounded like had they been playing tuned down hard core riffs with blast beats early in their career, as it is, the band is more reminiscent of Nasum or Pig Destroyer, with a similarly concentrated aural assault.

The album benefits from a Stand out performance by vocalist G, whose screams brought to mind a circus performer that ate a bicycle but forgot that easy in doesn’t always mean easy out, and stellar work by K, the band's drummer, that hits the snare more times in a 20 second track then most bands do so in a 5 minute one..

Anyone who likes to have his eardrums pierced by Finnish madmen is welcomed to give this one a spin, anyone into something remotely melodic and nice is advised to steer clear away, lest he is cut in half.

Alon Miasnikov

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