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Black Majesty is an Australian melodic power metal band. The album Silent Company is its second album, and it is the follow-up to the debut album of the band, Sands Of Time. The album shows the quality of the band, which could be the next big thing. After all, opening for Edguy and Hammerfall isn't something that gets thrown around that easily, but that's something Black Majesty have already accomplished. The album has a variety of classic and melodic metal riffs, it has quite a few surprising short stops and rhythm changes and it has a singing style that varies within the song and from song to the next. The lyrics are about a spiritual journey and the presence around us that keeps us safe.
The first song on the album is pretty mediocre. Dragon Reborn is a classic European power metal song, but it's a bit boring because we've had enough of those already. Still, it gives us a taste of things to come: Euro-power metal riffs and high tones supplied by John Cavaliere the vocalist along with choir-like singing from the rest of the band. The song that follows, Silent Company, is much better. This theme song can really put you in the mood to hear this band with its electrifying rhythm. Six Ribbons is a beautiful power-ballad. Cavaliere is singing it with Susie Goritchan, a guest singer, and it's a cover to a song with the same title that was a hit in Australia back in1978. Firestorm goes back to that electrifying rhythm of Silent Company, and it emphasizes the great guitar playing ability of Steve Janevski. New Horizons comes right after it, and although it is a song that lacks the quality of Firestorm, it is a great song with nice rhythm changes and a good display on the drums by Pavel Kornvalinka. The bass player. Hanny Mohamed, is well noticed on all songs with a tone-setting and rhythm playing backup he gives to all of Janevski's solos. The rest of the songs are all filled with impressive solos, melodic tunes or heavy riffs, high and clean tones on the vocals alongside with anthem-like backup singing and drumming that changes its rhythm by the second but blends well with the vocals and the music.
The excellent production, the great musical ability by each and every one of the band members and the somewhat unique origin of the band makes Black Majesty and her album, Silent Company, a story worth watching as it develops. After all, there weren't a whole lot of Australian metal bands that made their mark on the world, on the contrary: "we grew up with Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Dio and Judas priest", says Hanny, "and that's why we combine the non-Australian old school with the new Australian perspective".

Nir Haviv

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