White Willow: Storm Season
White Willow - Storm Season - [The Laser's Edge]


This is the fourth album by the Norwegian prog rock band, and it has some things going for it, and some things that don’t.

On the plus side, are the tight musicianship of its members, specifically the great keyboard player, on the downside, are the somewhat overlong, rambling numbers that pop up every now and them and the thin sound, which manages to turn the dynamic guitar work into an annoying buzz.

The album opens well enough, with the extremely well crafted Chemical Sunset, it has a good, dark vibe to it, and the orchestral arrangement works great in it, the solid vocal performance by female vocalist Sylvia Erichsen does good for the track.

The band turns into female rock with Sally Left, that all though has some nice bits and melodies, over whole came through as a bit dull.

Endless Science saved things again, the tight musicianship shines through, but yet again, the sound comes through as thin and unfocused.

The atmosphere that the album manages to maintain is one of the better aspects if it, the winter cold winds that blow throughout the orchestral maneuvers and the flute playing are great, they just need to stay more focused, and certainly get a better sound.

Alon Miasnikov

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