Bongzilla: Amerijuanican
Bongzilla - Amerijuanican - [Relapse Records]


Light 'em if you got 'em people, Bongzilla's at it again.

The green-lovin'/ smoke inhalin' / bong guzzlin' stoners are at it again with an album that takes stoner and sludge to extremes, this aint no easy listening, but it was well worth the wait.

The band took several strange turns since their last album, Gateway, three years ago, they dropped their trademark usage of samples and movie trivia this time, presenting a more stripped-down approach to the music, and they recruited fellow stoner Dixie Dave, formerly of Buzzov-en and currently of Weedeater, and his unique bass playing is evident on the album, a Motorhead-like crunch sitting at the base of the music.

Musically its an all-out assault of jam oriented fuzz filled distortion laying down one heavy riff after the other, the title track shows no mercy and puts the heavy back in stoner, this is much heftier stuff then albums by the likes of, Orange Goblin for instance, the vocals, screeched as if choking on a hazardous bong, give a focal point for the aura of unblinking fuzziness.

Kash Under Glass shows off the Sleep influences that are evident throughout, but it’s the great writing skills that shine through, again, it feels like a well-orchestrated jam.

The band take another step with Stonesphere, a 12 minute instrumental piece that can test the patience of thrill seeking listeners, they take it in a different way, slow, laid-back dirt, its sludge and stoner to the extreme.

The album ends with a rendition of Muddy Water's Champagne and Reefer, a unique take on the blues legend's track, yet the band make it their own.

This album would probably make more sense after smoking a large bunch of the green stuff, but its well made and interesting even to none-elevated ears.

Alon Miasnikov

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