Crystal Eyes: Confessions Of The Maker
Crystal Eyes - Confessions Of The Maker - [Heavy Fidelity]


I didn’t hear much from Crystal Eyes before this album, I did remember listening to their debut album some time ago, and not being overly impressed with it, to be truthful, I thought it was immature and uninteresting.

But that just made listening to this so much more of a pleasant surprise.

The band has progressed in leaps and bounds, creating a good, solid power metal album that stands with the best of them as an equal, if not superior release.

First smart move was cleaning up everything, the music isn’t all over the place, its clean, focused, the melodies are clear and precise and the playing is faultless, second, is the improved sound, crisp while not being overtly flashy, it just sounds…right,

Another smart move was bringing on Daniel Heiman to sing on the album, to those who do not know him, he's the ex-vocalist for power metal band Lost Horizon, and one of the greatest vocalists alive, I mean it, He sounds like a power metal vocalist should sound, and he can reach any damn note he pleases, he's that good.

Starting off with a bang, is The Charioteer, a blazing power metal anthem, immediately catchy and involving, with some soaring vocals by Heiman and a great middle section that sounds as if spewed by Iron Maiden, again, its clean, its simple, and that is what makes this a winner.

The title track is another great song, simple riffing, great lead work, a crunchy sound, it has everything.

My favorite track is probably The Fools' Ballet, again, all the dots connect and the band manages to pull off a great power metal song.

I recently read that Heiman left the band and continues to forge on, I can only hope that he founds a proper vehicle for his talents, and that the band manage to find a vocalist that is up to the task, since Heiman set the bar really, really high.

Alon Miasnikov

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