Mode 7: Night Echoes
Mode 7 - Night Echoes - [Magnanimous Records]


Four guys, in an ongoing jam session into the night, a bit of a psychedelic feeling is in the air, light touches of rock, and so on the music lives into the night, lead only by the endless natural flow, fills you, moves you, controls you.

That's the only way I could describe the feeling I got hearing this great CD by this Israeli foursome, Uri Tehelet plays the drums. Erik Ben Kalifa rules the bass, Nadav Katz leads the night with his guitar and vintage keys and Tal Trivish masters it all with his recordings and fx, together they create this post ambient rock filled with psychedelic moods and amazing atmosphere.

The feeling which drives this album is the perfectly natural flowing of things, there is always something happening, and yet it is still very fresh, atmospheric, soothing and relaxing, you can actually fill the pure sound, freedom, as If every note was made just so it could be played where it is.

The album is compiled of 5 tracks, exploring the wide range of jazz, psychedelic, post ambient. Glimpses of soft rock, a bit of electronic, all kinds of dynamic mind blowing games, and still hypnotizing spacey, feeling.

You can hear the depth and uniqueness at first hearing, in hearings to come, all kinds of sounds, fills, and other happenings start floating, making it even better then before.

This album can be easily categorized as another mood album, though it's much more than that, and words can't even explain it, when the mood is right, it will touch in all the right places and it guarantees satisfaction.

Roy Povarchik

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