Sotajumala: Death Metal Finland
Sotajumala - Death Metal Finland - [Woodcut]


First advice to this Finish band would be to start singing in English, not that it would matter much for the listener, they are quite incomprehensible as it is, but that would elevate them to the major league of death metal bands, as their music is simply top-notch.
The band deals in highly brutal, highly technical death metal, extremely well-produced, and they have created a short, aggressive album that is an excellent example of well-done death metal.
Musically they take from quite a couple of death metal bands, with blat-beats, extremely capable drumming, and about ten riffs per song that reminded me of Morbid Angel at times.
The band does not exceed the three minute barrier on most songs, with just four of the songs off that mark, mostly not far from it, a smart decision, as their song are extremely tight and fast, listening to them for too long may turn out over complicated, and they're short period demands the listener's undivided attention without over-stretching it.
All in all, it’s a winner, the movement to English would just enhance their market viability, since musically, they're already there.
It is, as I said, a brilliant slab of highly polished technical death metal, worthy of anything from their American counterparts.

Alon Miasnikov

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