Heruka: Leggenda
Heruka - Leggenda


Heruka is an Italian Black Metal project, it was founded in the year of 2000 by the duo Adranor and Valdemar. On May – June the first demo - "Doxa Epicurea" was released.
After the retirement of Valdemar from the project in the year 2001 Adranor decided to continue with the project and created a short CD. Since Adranor is working, creating and recording by himself (vocals, bass, guitars, keyboard, drum programming )
Adranor is now creating and performing with Moha as a special guest.

This mini CD Adranor opens with an impressive exiting entrance, deep and slow keyboard and royal drums, which makes us fantasize about the Italian ancient village in it Adranor started his project.
The first song in his instrumental opening is very deep and promising.
Leggenda in Italian means "legend", a proper name for the CD.

The second song, less unique, less fantastic, more common, less black, more speed and catatonia elements yet Adranor's singing remains its unique.

In the 3rd song Adranor creeps us again with effects of waves breaking on shore and seagulls. The drums are now strong and royal again, Adranor is preparing us for another round of wild and extreme black. The drums programming is very impressive along with the guitars.

The 4th song is a bit confusing at the beginning though very quickly Adranor expose to us his remarkable talent of creating black metal.

The 5th song is promising from all ways. The symphony Adranor created here is beautiful, sensational, heavy and perfect.

The 6th song and the last in this disk is a very short one and not so impressive for the end of Adranor's CD.

Leggenda is a mini CD which doesn't renew much in the Black Metal genre, yet Adranor has a certain uniqueness, there's no doubt that this is a very talented guy. It could be that Adranor is a bit lonely therefore his creation is also lonely like himself.
The bottom line is that the CD is excellence and it's worth waiting for the full-length CD.

Nadine Liv

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