Hell Within: Asylum Of The Human Predator
Hell Within - Asylum Of The Human Predator - [LifeForce Records]


Hell Within were formerly known as Twytch, and under that moniker released one full length and an EP, this is their first release under the current moniker, but you can immediately recognize a seasons band rather then a newly formed one due to the tight, well crafted album they put together.

Musically speaking, they create a highly aggressive blend of metal-core, death, and thrash, with the emphasis on the more death metallic aspects, vocals are mostly deep growls, deeper then any metal-core vocals, yet the emo vocals are much more metal-core oriented.

Riffs are fast and deadly, mostly thrash-like, bringing the mind those of Killswitch Engage, though, as a whole, their music tends to be less melodic and more aggressive then Killswitch's.

Bleeding Me Black was an immediate favorite of mine, great riffs, and a good clean chorus, the song demonstrates all that's good in the band.

Lifeforce Records have been signing good hard and metal core bands mostly, but whoever 's making the decisions there on who to sign, definitely has a good ear for talent, Hell Within are a fine example.

Alon Miasnikov

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