Tin Foil Phoenix: Living In The Shadow Of The Bat
Tin Foil Phoenix - Living In The Shadow Of The Bat - [Roadrunner Records]


Tin Foil are a Canadian band, that has been around the Canadian scene before signed by Roadrunner, and if all will go well for them, they should make it to the big time, but in a world where bands such as Limp Bizkit sell more then a million albums, all is possible.

The album contains quite a lot of maturity in its structure, and quite a lot of humor as well, they are certainly not teenagers, but rather a refined, well built band.

From the opener, Neoplotan, the first video from the album, its clear that we're in Incubus/grunge territory, some funk sounding bass lines, cook and rap sung vocals, and distortions and good clean vocals at the chorus; it’s a hit if I ever heard one.

We'll Get To Venus sets things into grunge territory completely, well played guitar lines, good chorus, it’s a mature song if I ever heard one, good rock solid stuff.

Ms. Genova is a sure-fire hit as well, anthemic in its simplicity, but a pleasure to listen to nevertheless, I'll definitely pinch myself if this doesn’t do really well for the band, at times I caught myself going "this is kitsch, man!", but if so, its highly enjoyable kitsch.

To surmise, if this doesn’t sell half a million, then I'll be sourly disappointed, but at least, it deserves to sell that many.

Alon Miasnikov

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