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Candlemass - Candlemass - [Nuclear Blast]


Rejoice! The kings of doom are back!
Let us moan in doomish pain for the return of one of this world's greatest doom metal bands, back from the dead, again…

Some history for those unacquainted with their greatness:
The band started out in the early 80's, with bassist/song writer leif Edling, recovering from the demise of his former band Nemesis, their first album, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, was a masterpiece of gloom, though it was their second album "Nightfall" that set new standards for the genre, featuring the operatic Messiah Marcolin, one of metal's greatest (vocally and physically) vocalists.
The next two albums were masterpieces as well, but then , Messiah was out, and things degraded quickly, a new vocalist was drafted for the not-so-bad but not-as-good Chapter 4 album, and two more mediocre albums were released later, the band then split up.

About a year ago, great news: the band was back together! A few months later, they were separated again…like some demented split personality, they decided on re-uniting, again, this time making a truly great return to form.

From the opening riff to Black Dwarf, its clear that this album kicks ass, heavy, riff-laden doom, great melodies, its isn’t any lesser then their classic past albums, and it brings something new and refreshing at the same time.

Assassin Of The Light showcases some great riffing, and amazing vocals from Marcolin, whose voice I would have pushed a but more forward in the mix, but that's probably just me, I worship his chubby feet.

A great album for a band long thought lost, buy it.

Alon Miasnikov

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