WOW, OWLS!: Pick Your Patterns
WOW, OWLS! - Pick Your Patterns - [The Perpetual Motion Machine]


Go ahead and argue the social relevance of the
newish post-hardcore genre “screamo” all you
want, but it still feels more sincere and more
powerful than today’s metal. Metallica can
spend a year in the studio getting fat on donuts,
and won’t come anywhere close to what Wow Owls!
are able to cough up by reflex on this debut.
With their “Mind Explosion” demo in
the can, the quintet have moved on to an offering
as catchy as it is convulsive. The guitars might
seem like they want to front a more melodic band,
but the messy drumming carries them all toward
the edge of cacophony, and crude vocals push the
band over it. Recommended. 8/10.

Jason Thornberry

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