Aura Noir: The Merciless
Aura Noir - The Merciless - [Tyrant Syndicate/Peaceville Records]


Its while writing these words that I read that Aura Noir’s rhythm guitarist/bassist vocalist is in hospital after taking a four floor plunge for an unknown reason, with concerns he might be paralysed, that’s sad news indeed, since it might spell the end of one of the more promising and enjoyable old-School thrash/black metal bands around, a band that this is their first releaser in three years, and an excellent one to boot.
Signed on DarkThrone’s Fenriz and Peacville joint effort, Tyrant Syndicate, its seems that though the label and the notorious drummer have has some difficulties regarding Fenriz’s past remarks, that have been widely accused of being racist, the label and the man put their musical goals to good usage, in signing and realising such bands as Aura Noir.
Musically speaking, its pure Celtic Frost/old Venom territory, with deliberately primitive and dirty sound production, harsh yet discernable vocals, which differentiate them with black metal bands, and nice use of atmospheric riffs, vocals are mainly Tom Warrior like, yet are clearly pronounced enough to be Venom-like in nature,
Some good tracks here, such as Black Metal Jaw, with its primitive and exceedingly aggressive riff, with some really good lead work on top,
Its certainly one for old-school people, but it’s a good old-school album, and it sure did bring some nice nostalgic feel to mine old blackened heart,
So, drink the blood (preferably a virgin’s), raise the chalice (preferably filled with blood) and drink to Aggressor’s health’s, so the band may forge on.

Alon Miasnikov

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