Unearth: The Stings Of Conscience
Unearth - The Stings Of Conscience - [Century Media]


This is actually not a new release, but a re-release of the band’s first full length, something of a prologue to their newest album “The Coming Storm”, nevertheless, its quite an achievement.
Unearth manage to combine metal core with thrash and even Iron Maiden lime passages, and create an album which is both fresh and highly listenable,
The best thing for me about this album, was the truly excellent guitar work, intricate riffing interwoven with the simpler, harsher hard core ones, creating a unique kind of music, not quite metal core, and certainly not heavy metal, but rather something new and different.
Another nice touch, is the existence of almost doom like riffing, see track five, the title track, a number of the riffs sound very much lie Paradise Lost during their “Gothic” album, slow, intricate riffs, that were later borrowed by At The Gates.
Vocals are as harsh as can be expected, with no discernible clean passages, though the music tends to speak for itself, the guitars are quite sufficient to hold the album completely.
Though the band has moved and progressed in later years, the album signalled thier move into the scene’s main players, and the album remains a classic, breakthrough album of the growing metal core scene.

Alon Miasnikov

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