Impellitteri: Pedal To The Metal
Impellitteri - Pedal To The Metal - [SPV]


I’ve always had a soft spot for Impellitteri records, I’ve initially approached them with some concern, guitar heroes are not exactly known for their brilliant songs, just for endless shredding, but hearing his albums with Rob Rock, I was pleasantly supprised, it always seems to me that he was more into doing good songs then just showing off his (considerable) shredding abilities.
This, his latest offering, sees him putting together what I view as his best line up yet, with some truly stellar performance from all involved, with his guitar playing and Curtis Skelton’s voice being the obvious apparent two.
Skelton has an amazing range, sounding like Phil Anslemo one moment, and like Joe Lyne Turner the next, combing melody and aggression perfectly,
Just listen to his delivery on the heavy as hell Crushing Daze and you’ll see what I mean.
Music like, it’s the usual combination of fast power metal with different, heavier genres, though this is probably the heaviest album Impellitteri put out yet, I mean it, some riffs could’ve fitted great in a metal core album, the crystal clear sound also does wonders for the album, every instrument is in its exact place, with guitar seating comfortably on top of the mix.
Chris does not shy away from shredding, he just keeps it in check, does it when it’s really in its right place, and that makes an album that is really good, to an excellent one.
Punk is one track which might take you somewhat off guard, a humoristic snap at rap metal which might also fit in a Mr. Bungle record, great stuff indeed.

Alon Miasnikov

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