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RPWL - World through my eyes - [InsideOut Music]


RPWL is a great example for one of the prog rock band who actually managed to progress in itself, learnt it lessons, based itself with their own signature sound and control the weak spots as much as the stronger. A band that controls itself and not the other way around, a band who has grown mature but not grown older.

The most giving away clue for this bands origin can be found in the resemblance of band leader and singer Yogi Lang vocals to Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.
In 1997 the band was founded as a tribute band to the legendary Pink Floyd and in the year 2000 has officially become into an independent band with original material but no forgetting their passion for Prog Rock for a second, the album is filled with Pink Floyd, Genesis an even Yes influences.

Yogi Land, bands producer, keyboardist, singer, has a long tome affair with the Indian culture and the Ramayana religion as much as with their spiritual point of view and musical instruments.
In this album RPWL blend in all of their different influences into a wonderful sound texture, with a catchy melodies, classical prog rock methods and an original powerful productions.

The first track “Sleep” has a little Genesis tribute part coming from the Keyboard section and the Floydian guitar sliding technique we all remember from the legendary Dark side of the moon (and if this name doesn’t ring a bell you have some homework to do), and Yogi vocals that I can’t describe it’s similarity to Gilmour voice enough . all of this elements are mixed down perfectly to this Genesis-Pink Floyd combination, in a more mature sound, and feeling.

A very noticeable track is Roese, in which Ray Wilson (Genesis, Stilskin), has taking on the lead vocals and does a great job at it.
Yogi got to know Wilson while enjoying one of the last Genesis and felt that he is the perfect singer to sing this track, and Yogi said “if someone can do this better, so let him do it”, and Wilson does a wonderful job at it, emotional and unforgettable.

As I've mentioned before, this album has less straight forward prog elements and has a lot of American melodies, very catchy and ear friendly, more in the style of prog artist solo albums, like Nick D'virgilio (Karma), albums with definite influences but less of the prog structure.

Like many of the great Prog albums, at first listening the album sound musically simple, but after a few more listening sessions you discover its complexity, in the vocal harmony, keyboard and guitar licks and riffs that were hidden in the back.

Songs to remember are Roses which gets a lot of credit for Ray Wilson job with the vocals, instrumental moments like in "3 lights" different psychedelic like mixed with hard rock like the song "sea nature", and the beautiful lyrics combined with the great melodies and music of the song "world through my eyes".

It's fun seeing how this band keeps developing in time, they have true progress within themselves and with the musical genre at the overall. When of the best releases this year, definitely!.

Roy Povarchik

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