Masterplan: Aeronautics
Masterplan - Aeronautics - [AFM Records]


This fine German group, founded in 2002, releases a second album after the success of the first album (which bares the band's name) and last year's EP "Back for my life".
"Aeronautics" certainty suites the group's reputation as a non-maiden-like and a non-Halloween-like heavy/power/progressive metal band.
In accordance to the above definition- the music they make is completely melodic- some might say it's "metal for sissies" , but they are probably so true that melody is a filthy word for them.
The album runs very smoothly, Jorn Lande's (Which is also a member of the following: Jorn, Ark, Beyond Twilight, Mundanus Imperium, Millenium) voice sounds better than ever, the guitar is powerful yet a bit too repetitive for me - but overall, suiting to the melodies which are lead by Axel Mackenrott on keyboards.
Songs which stand out are: "Crimson Rider" which open the album so well,
"Back for my life" that was released in 2004's EP and has proved it could become a great hit song.
The forth track, "I'm not afraid" starts off on the weak side but makes up for that with it's overtaking chorus and the awakening of the verses.
It's follower, "Headbanger's Ballroom", is surprisingly impressive with it's (now stronger) guitar work and the sweetish chorus (that gives the ballroom feeling).
The 8th track, "Dark for the dying", resembles something similar to Evergrey due to the guitar (which is manned by Roland Grapow, ex-Halloween and member of Graspow and Kotipelto) , drums and overall power.
This album's highlight is it's last track, "Black in the burn", where Jorn's vocals are varied, the melodies are beautifully connected to the lyrics and the rhythm (bass-drums).
I wish to note Uli Kusch's (ex-Helloween, Gamma Ray, Holy Moses, Mekong Delta) drum work which completes the work.
Well, in conclusion, this is a good album- maybe not amazing or perfect but just as good as the previous one and maybe even better.
I'd recommend it to those of you who like the genre and to those of you that wish to expand their musical horizons.

Ofer Vayner

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