Down Below: silent wings: eternity
Down Below - silent wings: eternity - [Rabazco Records]


Down Below plays melodic power metal, but they succeed being different from the rest very easily as their main influence, artwork design and atmosphere is based on ancient Egypt culture, you have to admit that only this piece of information attracts you.

Down Below manage to capture a bit of magic that only bands as Rhapsody get, it has an epic feeling to it, but it lacks the powerful arrangements , and that’s what difference them the most, but still, they perform energetic melodic power metal.

The vocalist “Neo-scope” does a great job arranging the vocal parts. He adds a lot to the catchy melodies that the musical background provides, he has a beautiful voice and sings mostly in clean vocals, though he manages to surprise with great grunts.
At some points in the album, doubts are shown about his dominant performance, that can’t really carry the weight that the music provides, but I think that he’ll really shine on live performances.

The guitar riffs are classical metal riffs, with a great full sound, without getting to aggressive, guitar solos appear briefly in glam metal solo style.

The man who refers to himself as Mr mahony, the man behind the drum kit, does an excellent work, varied drumming styles, and manage to set the mood with his drumwork,, know when he should only do background drumming, and when to stand out, very energetic.

The lyrics aren’t uniquely interesting, deals with usual metal topics, the Egyptian atmosphere is set mostly by keyboard guy max.

In opinion there is no climax to the album, none of the songs stands out, they are all equally good, but none is perfect.

Very energetic, ear friendly, fun and moving, in my opinion their live performances will give them much more power, and I can’t wait to see them live.

Roy Povarchik

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