Death Du Jour: Fragments Of Perdition
Death Du Jour - Fragments Of Perdition - [Golden Lake Productions]


This is one insane MF.
A technical and experimental death metal band, Death Du Jour create one highly complex and dirty sounding album. I mean it, I felt the need to shower after listening to this piece of brutality, that's not saying it isn’t good, quite the contrary, its just…sick.
Their technical ability is extremely well honed, but there is an underneath current that is immediately visible in the album's (magnificently) morbid artwork.
Trying to describe the music is difficult, starting off with a circus music like opening line, things are thrown into chaos faster than you can say "These guys are demented", the drums kick in, changing rhythm every two seconds, mainly fast, almost grind-like, the vocals are lower range growl, and the riffs are a combination of Morbid Angel's wilder moments with Slayer like thrashier riffs…brutal.
The title song is yet another fast and riff-rich track, same basic idea, multitude of complex ridding, almost Jazzy in its diversity, again, a slayer like middle riff, a really good one to boot, then there's a Cannibal Corpse like one, and some nice double-channel vocal work, and more blast beats.
By the way, the drummer needs therapy, he breaks/halts/changes drum beats every second, it's virtually impossible to know what he will do next.
Satire Of Caustic Lunacy has a great opening riff, continued by a weird, almost avant-garde change of riffs, and a strange, sludge like section in the middle, it’s a prefect example of the band's sheer lunacy, and a good example of the reason why I had to listen to the album in sessions, a complete listen is virtually impossible.
Adventurous souls are advised to take heed and listen, but traditional death metal aficionados will need hospitalization following this.

Alon Miasnikov

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