Fleshcrawl: Made Of Flesh
Fleshcrawl - Made Of Flesh - [Metal Blade Records]


Germany veteran old-school death metallers release their seventh full length, and things are as gory as ever.
Starting out in 91' the band has carved a niche for themselves as Europe's premier old-school death metal band, while the originators of the genre, Entombed, went stoner.
Having reviewed and interviews the band after the release of their Soulskinner album while writing for Metal Hammer, I can safely say that nothing changed with the band since, they sound the same, same sound, same deep growling, and same down tuned death riffs.
Some may argue that the band is unwilling to change with the times, that they are stuck in an old concept, and other such dribble, me? I say the band is uncompromising, unique, and true to themselves, which makes them OK in my book.
The current return to death metal wave evident in Europe with new releases from Grave and Dismember, and new bands such as Bloodbath just goes to show you that even a band that sticks to its guns for the better side of a decade, may be doing something right.
The album is by-the-book death metal, the tried and tested Swedish sound, which means down tuned guitars, lack of keyboards, and technical prowess is evident throughout the album, lyrics are generic yet intelligent and well written,
And tracks such as the opening Beneath A Dying Sun and Into The Depths Of No Return infuse the brutality with some cold melodies that work really well,
Other tracks are just plain aggressive, such as the blast beat ridden title track, or the brutal Flesh Bloody Flesh, but they all sight well within the comfort of a true to form, old school death metal album,
Finely produced, not overly song, this is yet another quality release by these uncompromising purveyors of butchery.

Alon Miasnikov

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