Various Artists: No rewind - October of mrw44
Various Artists - No rewind - October of mrw44 - [mrw44]


The third compilation in the “No rewind” compilation series, after august and September, we are revealed to a whole new month.

This time the album opens with a band named “Nimrod 33”, which the roomers say, that they are the next greatest thing in experimental rock, I’m sorry, but personally is just don’t get it, most of their concept is based on this cracked up stereo which sounds as if it stuck, it is more annoying then it is an art statement.

From the moment the first track ends, the album is divided to two, songs 2-5, and the rest of the album.
The first part is less experimental and it is very clear what genre they belong to, not as a bad thing, it’s mentioned just to state that they are less experimental.
From that point on, it is based on a jam session, much more experimental, much more extreme.

The second track, “Planquez – of the sea”, is one of the greatest tracks on the album, and actually, one of the greatest track on the whole No rewind series.
It’s unique and gets a special blend between melodic, ear friendly rock, to an extreme experimental feeelinh.

From the sixth part and on, as mentioned earlier, there is a king of a jam session medley. Where the drums and saxophone rules.

This compilation, not like the other, has a feeling of collection various styles and genres, in a way, it feels as if it a gathering of the band who already appeared on former compilation, but with a much mature attitude.

Comparing to the first album, this album isn’t the greatest, it lacks atmosphere, and bit transmission between songs, but the first half, shows a new experimental music that never had a represent in the compilation which is great. While the other half has this incredible jam session which keeps you waiting for more. The first compilation has set a high bar, so in compare it is not as good. But in comparing to the second album, this is one is much better and gives much more information to think of, and lingers longer.
As an album that stands by itself, it has its ups and down, though the down are minimal, while the ups, are just way up there!

Roy Povarchik

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