Various Artists: No rewind - September of mrw44
Various Artists - No rewind - September of mrw44 - [mrw44]


September of mrw44 is the second album from the No Rewind compilation series. It’s purpose is to raise acknowledge to experimental rock bands.

This album, in oppose to the first one that stared off very mysterious and intriguing, starts off with a track by “Death Cat” and it is much more in the noise genre then in the rock genre so is the next track by “Opaque”.

After those two opening tracks, we encoute with a new group called “Hex”, that are definitely set on rock and not noise, and give us their aspect of experimental rock, which is stretching the boundaries of dissonant music.

A group that stands out is “March of dimes” , though it’s not their incredible tracks that make them stand out, as much as the fact that they are the only group who contributed very minimalist songs, but also the only ones to include vocals on it.

A track that is remarkable is track number thirteen (name not given), which is a beautiful acoustic instrumental ballade, very catchy, melodic and loveable.

The first compilation was interesting and challenging, while this compilation has to many songs that have the exact same point and feeling that already took place on earlier tracks, or in the first compilation, it’s main effect is damaging the album vibe, and sometimes even a bit boredom.

In general the album is nice, and has several short moments of true atmosphere and genuine feeling, but is no match for the first compilation “august of mrw44”.

Roy Povarchik

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