Various Artists: No rewind - August of mrw44
Various Artists - No rewind - August of mrw44 - [mrw44]


The purpose of the compilation No rewind is to introduce the world to some new experimental music, it was originally planned to be released with a one year and one month gap between each edition, so I creates the effect that each compilation is only a month away from each other. It begins with august and is to end with july, but, as they were flooded with lots of new music it has been decided that the compilation will be released every time the new edition is ready, so they started releasing the tracks with no awareness to the dates in which they were released, but the name concept remains.

The first track, contributed Neck Doppler gives the feeling of a witch coming out of the shadows trying to seduce all the young kids to step into the shadows with her. And that is infact what this track does, it lures you to step into the No Rewind world, which is full of mystery and darkness.

The second and third track , given to us by “Late night foreign radio” are not to special, and can be even dull at times. It seems like they only based on the concept of changing dynamics or just removing and adding instruments with poor lyrics. Doesn’t seem to be very attractive.

The group Servo are little less bold but they present us with two excellent pieces, the first one reminds me of Incubus’s megalomnic but a little less popular and much more experimental and the second piece is a wonderful instrumental bit.

The seventh track , by Black sun is titled Body to body, and it is all about atmosphere, a bit intimidating melancholic, and the samples which run in the background gives you this introduction to horror film you’re about to watch, the second part of the second part of the song, definitely the main dish, a scary horrifying tell of a creature who hunts each one of us, and it is told with a frightening voice and a great vibe around which gets you in the mood for a fright.

The compilation is quite various, a few quiet moments and a lot of loud ones, but still holds its flowing atmosphere and challenges its listeners. Very exiting and intriguing and it is easy to find some interesting musical moments.

Roy Povarchik

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