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Cannon - The History - [Point Music]


The 80's saw many unsung heroes putting down their axes and disappearing into the metal Valhalla, happily enough, some of them have been re-grouping lately, re-lighting the torch of rock and heavy metal, Cannon is such a band.
Somewhat less known then their other German hard rock count parts such as Accept or Sinner, the band has managed to carve a niche for themselves as a high quality, hard rockin' combo, that released two great albums during the eighties, that we're virtually impossible to find until today.
Because of that, it was a brilliant idea releasing both albums in a two CD format, quite a lot of extra tracks and various goodies, putting the lid on any previous effort one might have had in trying to locate these long-lost gems of hard rock.
Musically speaking, this is 80's hard rock/metal of the highest level, well played, tight sounding, and with surprisingly fine sound for such rather veteran recordings,
The band's second album, Timelines is the first, starting off with one of the album's strongest cuts: Let's Start The Party, and 80's hymn if there ever was one, taking its queue from their American counterparts of that time, and doing it so good, that its actually hard to believe it’s a German band we're hearing, the mid to high-pitched vocals are right on the money, hitting both the mid and higher tones to perfection,
We Rock The City and Cannonfire are also winners, and the album actually made me want to open up a beer, setting some fond memories of the 80's, the time when I started out listening to metal.
Second CD is the band's first album, Thunder And Lightning, also a great hard rockin' album, the sound is slightly less clear, as can be imagined, but it’s the same story here, fun filed metal, with some hard rock and American influences, with a slightly more metallic feel to the proceedings, evident in such tracks as Fireblade and Nuclear Light.
The fact that the band is back together makes me wander what will their new material sound like, because if its anything like this, the older stuff, it's going to be Hard rocking fun.

Alon Miasnikov

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