Odyssea: Tears In Floods
Odyssea - Tears In Floods - [Scarlet Records]


2003 saw the addition of guitar extraordinary Pier Gonella to Italian power metal legends Labyrinth,, but during that time he also had the time to work on his own compositions, finally seeing the light of day in this album, guest vocals are done by Labyrinth's own Roberto Tiranti, who does main vocals on opening track Fly, while most vocals are handled by the equally talented Carlo Faraci.
Musically its quite similar to Labyrinth, fast passed, highly technical power metal, but it's Peir's amazing guitar work that gives this release some extra strength, his shredding is extremely fast and well-done, with lead work that holds its own with the best of them.
Almost all tracks are fast and restless power metal, with some fine keyboard work that colors the music in a somewhat progressive vibe, both Fly and The King are relentless in their melodic assault, spewing forth some fine riffs and faster than light leads, but its on The King's lead section that Pier's ability really shines, the speed is also integrated with great feel and style, which is more than I can say for many other power metal guitarists.
Falling Star has a great riff, great 80's like heavy metal, with a great catchy chorus,
But its Burning Time opening riff that is the most impressive in the album, guitarists will definitely learn a thing or two about power metal riffing through this one, with the middle section being no slouch either, its no less then breathtaking, topped by one of Pier's finest lead work in the album, more than slightly reminiscent of Malmsteen.

But its on Tears In Floods Pt. 1 that Gonella truly shines with his amazing playing, a combination of speed and feel that sounds terrific, the guy is setting himself up as one of the best metal guitarists around, believe me.

Of the tens of Italian power metal bands that exist, Odyssea immediately claim a rightful position as one of the best, it's that good a release.

Alon Miasnikov

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