Jorn: Out To Every Nation
Jorn - Out To Every Nation - [AFM Records]


Jorn Lande has busily himself a well justified reputation as one of the more powerful and distinct vocalists in the genre, and although he is mainly the vocalist for power metal super-group Masterplan, he is also an accomplished solo artist, with this being his third solo release.
The album is quite similar in vein to his two prior releases, though in my onion, it is by far the best of the three.
Some serious talent is used by Lande, guitars are handled b Jorn Viggo Lofstad and drums by Stian Krisoffersen, both of progressive metal giants Pagan's Mind, while bass duties are handled by Hammerfall's Magnus Rosen.
Music wise the album is a fine mix of American hard rock with some more power metal riffs and rhythms, tracks as the excellent Young Forever are both anthem-like and powerful, with Lande's powerful, Coverdale like vocals always taking center stage.
Out To Every Nation has a mellow, blues like beginning, before turning into a powerful hard rock track, with a catchy and fun chorus.
Living With Wolves is quite a bit more complex, the progressive side is quite more apparent this time, and the absolute technical proficiency of the guitarist is evident.
Something Real is yet another American sounding piece of great hard rock, while Vision Eyes is more progressive again, without leaving out an excellent metallic guitar riff during the chorus, and some colorful keyboards in the pre-chorus bit, Lofstad's lead is a wonder to behold, during the very Dream Theaterish middle section.
One Day W'll Put Out The Sun is an 80's metal track, with some progressive elements again, and Lande's vocals shine through.
A great metal album, with great vocals, excellent players, what else can we ask for?

Alon Miasnikov

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