Scornage: Sick Of Being Human
Scornage - Sick Of Being Human - [MDD Records]


Old school German aggression, these guys do it real well.
Taking their que from such old school masters as Sodom and Warhammer, these purveyors of extreme thrash/death know exactly what they are doing, a fine amglam of old Kreator with some heavier sounds thrown in into the mix.
The sound is top notch, The double bass have that certain sound that's perfect for the genre, and the guitars carry the right amount of crunch.

The vocals have a distinct grate to them, putting Sodom in mind, and they fit the old school thrashing very well, and the album even has some well-done, melodic leads, which elevate the songs.

Songs are built in a basic, catchy phrasing, using depressive, almost mysantropic lyrics, there's nothing light and happy about the band, Sick Of Being Human is one track that sheds the most light on the band's message…

What Lies Beneath has one of the best thrash riffs in the album, while Age Of Scorn has one hell of a beginning, slowly building its aggression and speed, until the requisite trashing riff enters the fray, then using some cool angry vocals in the chorus.

Those with a taste for the wondrous times of 80's extreme metal, with some modern bite, will find a lot to ogle at here, Scornage thrash really well.

Alon Miasnikov

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