Gluecifer: Automatic Thrill
Gluecifer - Automatic Thrill - [Steamhammer]


This album hasn’t left my car stereo for at least a month, the band created one mother $#@&# of an album, a rocking, swaggering piece of attitude that manages to maintain interest throughout.
It's difficult to describe the band, but references should be made to Hanoi Rocks, Backyard Babies, with certain New York Dolls influences as well, in a sentence, it's beer-ridden, hard-rocking music, and the guys truly excel at it.
Opening title track is a fast, free-for-all rock n' roll anthem, with great vocals, and some cool guitar effects during the pre-chorus, the band's definite swagger is catchy and fun, and you can't help but get sucked into the wild vibe they set.
Take It is one of the best tracks here, great rhythm section, more metallic in nature, the band's experience shows well here (this is their 5th album).

Here Come The Pigs has some righteously punk-like lyrics, the punk motif tends to appear here and there, but is sounds right in the over whole context, though the band tends more towards American, or rather, southern hard rock, evident in such tracks as
Dingdong Thing with its great chorus, and Hammond piano rock n' roll towards its end, and also in Shaking So Bad, my personal favorite here, a track with a great vibe, using some slide guitar to great effect.

Fans of such current bands as Velvet Revolver, and other, older groups such as Hanoi Rocks should check these guys out, apart from having the best album art I've seen this year, they also rocked the hell out of me, and I thank them.

Alon Miasnikov

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