Dogsimada and Marufura Fufunjiru - So who's insane? - [chmafu nocords]


One of the things that I enjoy most doing, is listening to the attempts of musicians to create a different, and interesting atmosphere.
That becomes harder throughout the years, why? You ask?
Well, we, as human beings, aspire for more, and that results in an effort to create new things, or re-invent existing things, so we wont repeat ourselves or step into certain rubrics or Paradigms.
So we’re constantly on a quest to renew and experiment.
Some of which is expressed in propitiation of the moment, and some in simple forward thinking,
I would define a musician as something of a chemist, trying to combine different molecules, and different ingredients in creating now compound, which has all-new characteristics, such s color, odor, and flavor.
The avant-garde musician I would define as an alchemist, using materials that seem or may be defined as worthless or incomprehensible, turning them into a new, interesting musical product, with real worth and importance.
On many occasions such artists use minimalist or extremely complex album covers,
In this came I came across such an interesting album that too many descriptions will only do it injustice-

The album is extremely experimental and unique, using a concept that is the broadest sense of the definition of the stereophonic dimension,

The sounds that come through the right speaker exist there only, and the sound from the left just in it.

What’s new? You ask?

Well, this is a split album of two experimental music artists: Dogsimada and marufura fufunjiru, both highly respected for their unique, uncompromising music.
Here they joined forces in order to create an album which will contain both their compositions when played in unison, in full synchronicity, thus creating an amazing piece of music, Dogsimada is played in the left channel while Marufura is played in the right.
An truly spectacular symbiosis between the two artists is created, dissimilar to any split album ever created, each artist actually playing a complete album on one side of the stereo..
The pieces themselves move from very noisy power noise to relaxed dark ambient and some drone bits as well.
Describing the thing is extremely difficult, there’s no substitute to listening to the thing.
Take my advice, listen to this, its hard to remain oblivious to it, its both interesting and challenging.

Maor Appelbaum

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