Goatsblood: Drull
Goatsblood - Drull - [Willowtip Records]


Just when you thought it was safe to get out of bed...
Came these Goatsblood bastards and scared the bejesus out of me.
Back to bed again.

I have sat through many a loud album in my life, I remember sitting through Napalm Death’s scum for the first time, imaging my (then) thin fingers clutching Lee Dorrian’s scrawny neck AS he went blue and incoherent, but goatsblood...well, you’ll just hear them to understand.

These demented creatures serve up a steaming hot pile of bile, regurgitated pus metal to petrify your brains.

In mere musical terms their weapon of choice may be defined as sludge-noise grind core metal, which may immediately turn some of you off this band, and of this review, since I actually liked it!

Yep, these screaming bastards struck a cord in mine own pus-ridden heart, metal, taken to such extremities is something that I cannot despise.
Starting off with title track “Drull”, through Ashtraycunt Eyes, with its incomprehensible tune, up to Beatrice hog, a sludgy juggernaut of immense proportions, its a wonder to behold, as extreme as extreme goes.

The band is strangely proficient with their instruments, and the sound is clear and crisp, so you can listen to every distorted feedback with utmost accuracy, the sludge rhythm numbs your wits right up until a grinding blast beat hits in the bollocks... rough stuff indeed.

Proceed; ye brave souls, with caution, Goatsblood bite...haaarrdd.

Alon Miasnikov

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