Ion Dissonance: Breathing Is Irrelevant
Ion Dissonance - Breathing Is Irrelevant - [Willowtip Records]


God almighty, these guys broke my car’s speakers.

Swear to god, they did.

I was listening to them at a moderate 35-36 volume, and almost immediately the rear speakers burst like an alien spawn following a nutritious stomach munching...

I shall refrain from pressing charges since these guys clearly have a sever case of cabin fever, how else can you explain the barrage of ear numbness they dwell in?

Described as “The Dillinger Escape Plan vs. Slipknot vs. Meshuggaי” by the kind people at Wall Of Fire, I shall have to concur.

Well produced, it’s still difficult to define this as a “slick” effort, the sound may be clear, but the music is so undecipherable at times that the term “organized chaos” seems to fit.

Certain bits, such as the clean bits and pieces in track 4, or some of the more recognizable riffs in track 5 are more easily understood, but as a whole. This is an extremely complicated effort.

Benefiting from a solid line-up of talented individuals, there’s no denying the quality of the release, the tough part is identifying any staging points for an organized listening session, any easy-to-deal-with riffs are far and in-between, the band belts forth complicated, almost chaotic riffing with knife-like precision, leaving the listener dazed and disoriented.

If anyone reading this comes out thinking that’s bad, he’s severely mistaken, this is one kick-ass aggressive MF which needs some proper listening to, just not in my car stereo, since the MF already killed it.

Points of resemblance can certainly be Meshuggah, who’s jazz-like complexity is apparent here, with some Strapping Young Lad smeared on top, all perfectly made to cripple your ears (and car stereos).

Alon Miasnikov

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