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Panzerchrist - Room Service - [Mighty Music]


A band called Panzerchrist most definitely does not do melodic pop, that’s right, they create brutal death metal, mostly teetering on the edges of grind core, better still, they do it really well.

One of the best brutal bands i heard in quite some time, the guys sit tighter than Pamela Anderson’s bra, at their base is one lean mean human drumming machine, which, if i should believe the stuff written in the attached info sheet, was marked as the world’s fastest drummer.
I won’t take that at face value, certainly after hearing Sandoval’s bit in the latest morbid angel, but no doubt about it, the guy’s an animal.

Starting with the opening track, the band roars forth some mean spirited Swedish riffs that are as far from In Flames’s melodic riffing as the stars from the sun, but they are solid, chunky riffs of death metal, that tick like a Suisse watch.

A pleasant surprise awaited me towards the middle of the album, a cover version of classic thrash track “Metal Church” by.... well, Metal Church, off their first album (hmmmm...called Metal Church).
Panzerchrist’s powerful drummer accentuates well the great drum line in the song, the vocalist is certainly no David Wayne, to think of a funny metaphor, it would seem like Panzerchrist’s raging bass death metal vocalist can gobble up shrill sounding Wayne like a whale slurping up some plankton...

In any case, the cover works well, and the title track that follows it is just as good, a minute long affair, in which the growler knocks on a door, and when asked who is it, responds with a growled “room service!” and proceeds to tear the champagne and strawberry customer a new one...machine gun style. Hilarious.
O, and its proceeded by a minute long grind bit.

In short, not exactly Stairway To Heaven, but a great soundtrack to murder, great album.

Alon Miasnikov

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