Edguy: Hellfire Club
Edguy - Hellfire Club - [Nuclear Blast]


Every now and then an album comes along that you know will be an immediate classic in his genre.
Hellfire Club is one.
Edguy have turned, in quite a short period of time, into one of Europe's most successful power metal bands, especially in their homeland of Germany, and when the contest is provided by such band as Helloween, Gamma Ray and Blind guardian, its not an easy task, somehow, sometime, this young guys made it into that A list.

Their new album, released shortly after a highly successful EP, represents the ability that turned the band into what it is today in a clear manner, the band has one of today's best vocalists, reminiscent of Bruce Dickinson at times, and at other, higher pitched times, of Geoff Tate, of Queensryche fame, all in all a great singer, they also have two very able guitarists, one killer drummer, a solid bass player, and most important – they have their hearts in the right place – in classic hard rock and metal, and it oozes into the music.

The sound doesn't leave room for mistake, dealt by the wining group of Sascha Paeth, Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila, with some orchestration dealt by Heaven's gate's Miro, even a pack of mandolin strumming Doberman pinchers could do no wrong. And Edguy are no Doberman pinchers, not by a long shot.

A certain plus in this album, is its diversity regardless of the ruling melodic tone, and certain heavy metallic quality, the tone differs with every track, while the opening track, Mysteria, is a rip and roar metal anthem, with some thrash like riffs in it, definitely the band's heaviest song to date, later tracks, such as the piper never dies display a hard rock vibe, with some mellow keyboards and colorful metal vocals, great stuff indeed.

The next track sounds straight out of a gamma ray album, great power metal rhythm, a good keyboard line, fast double bass drumming, an anthem like jewel, with its pre-chorus showing Tobias in Michal Kiske-like form.

Down To The Devil is one of my favorite tracks, reminiscent of I Want Out, nostalgic power metal feel, and a solid chorus.

King of Fools brings another solid cut, this time elevated by more modern sounding computer generated keyboards, the music's catchiness works in its favor,

Next is the obligatory ballad, Forever, which benefits from some nice orchestral parts courtesy of Miro, I'll be frank, I'm not a ballad guy, so this is easily my least favorite tracks here, lets move on.
Track seven, Under The Moon lays a great heavy riff, Tobias's vocals really hit the Bruce Dickinson notes and its an immediate favorite as well.
Those who had the luck to purchase the limited edition , benefited from another solid tracks, Children Of Steel, and from a version of the opening track recorded with Mille Petrozza, legendry vocalist of Kreator, his parts sound exactly like a latter period Kreator, that is, until Edguy's more melodically oriented bits follow.

So please, slip on your favorite shoes, step off your comfy sofa, and toddle along to purchase this album, it'll make your month!

Alon Miasnikov

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